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BARRA, a prominent shipping agent operating in various regions across Indonesia, is a crucial intermediary connecting ship owners, harbor management, and all relevant regulatory institutions responsible for overseeing ship compliance. Headquartered in Batam, our deep understanding and comprehensive maritime industry knowledge facilitate seamless coordination and compliance within this intricate network.

PT Barra Asean Shipping is a shipping agency company with more 1D years experience and many experts in marine sector.

"We give service which quickly and accurate in all duty, like departure, arrival, loading and unloading in best price".

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Agency & ForwardingWe present very good approach with all institution that giving service for custom, immigration, and quarantine in arranging the permit documentation in Legal Management Office.

Shipping Agency concerning in the case of include:

Our Services

As a shipping agency Company which have the dedication, we always try to give the best service for our client. Our services include :
Shipping Agency
Barra Asean Shipping is is one of Indonesia's agency companies in the port and shipping sector, aims to conduct its business with the highest level of ethical behavior and full compliance with governing laws and regulations.
Custom Clearance
Ship Documentation
Crew Manning

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